Apply to be on our show!

We are now accepting applications for bands and comedians to be featured on our show. Here we will cover what to expect and collect some basic information so that we can review your content.

Path to Success
  • Apply below to be on the show
  • LAB reviews and votes, then schedules the date for recording
  • Sign Talent Release form
  • Perform and have fun
  • ???
  • Profit!

When you have been selected to appear on our show we will work with you to schedule a date for recording and send you the Talent Release form. A few days before the show one of our staff will call you again to go over expectations, talk through a high level outline of the show, and discuss the schedule for the day. Please let our staff know if any special accomodations are required.

After the show mingle a bit, pack up, and know that we will be working hard in editing to make the show the best it can be. The timing of the episode airing can vary but we will give you the best estimate we can and let you know when it will be released.

Talent Application Form
Band Info

Basic info on the band

Band Members

Details on each person that will appear on stage. This helps us prepare room layout and wiring needed.

NameStage NameInstrumentVocalist?In-Ears?
Link List

Provide some links to help us review your work, preferably a live performance. Can be your website, YouTube channel/videos, SoundCloud, etc. At least one link is required, but the more you give the better we can review your material.